postfix installation

After getting the tarball from and untaring you first need to run make (there is no ./configure available in this one). You might hit an error that sounds like:

No <db.h> include file found.
Install the appropriate db*-devel package first.

In this case (at least on CentOS 5) install db4 and db4-devel using yum

yum install db4

yum install db4-devel

After that run make and add 2 system users: postfix and postdrop.


useradd -s /bin/false postfix

useradd -s /bin/false postdrop

You will have to provide a number of paths (if you want them different from defaults. These are the main defaults:

/etc/postfix                  # config dir

/usr/sbin/                   #administrative binaries

/usr/libexec/postfix   #postfix daemon

/var/lib/postfix           #cache and other random data

/usr/bin/mailq            #Sendmail compatible mail queue listing command

/usr/bin/newaliases   #Postfix newaliases command

/var/spool/postfix      #Postfix queue directory

/usr/sbin/sendmail    #Sendmail compatible mail posting interface