Non-interactive mode

Get the A record for domain

nslookup domain

Get the reverse resolution for an IP

nslookup ip

Get the reverse resolution using an alternate server

nslookup ip dns_server

Get the MX record for a domain using an alternate DNS server

nslookup -type=MX/any/etc mail.domain.com dns_server

Interactive mode



>server dns_server              ; using alternate DNS server

>set type=any                    ; set the type of the RR returned


> ro

Non-authoritative answer:
origin = primary.rotld.ro
mail addr = hostmaster.rotld.ro
serial = 2010112030
refresh = 10800
retry = 3600
expire = 604800
minimum = 3600
ro      nameserver = ns-ext.vix.com.
ro      nameserver = dns-at.rotld.ro.
ro      nameserver = primary.rotld.ro.
ro      nameserver = dns-ro.denic.de.
ro      nameserver = secondary.rotld.ro.
ro      nameserver = ns.uu.net.